Funk Fighting 101

Everything sucks.

… Okay, fine, it doesn’t. And people usually say “You’re just in a funk” or “This too shall pass” and when you’re in your “Funk” those phrases simply translate to “Yes, please, I would love for you to punch me square in the mouth.” Continue reading

Clean Eating Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Good morning, friends! Switching to a gluten-free diet has been a challenge since I got the news that I have a gluten sensitivity, especially due to the pre-existing lactose intolerance I have. But as difficult as it has been to transform my eating habits, it’s a far better alternative to the mood swings, itchy and bumpy skin, stomach pain, headaches and bloating. But although it’s a huge change, the fact that I geek out about new, delicious recipes has definitely put some checks in the “Worth It” column.

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